My name is Dan Clay, in 2003 I became a personal trainer and set up my first fitness company Dangerously Fit.

Mastering the internet… in just 18 months I went from having $3 in my pocket, to running a half million dollar per year boot camp company with 16 locations and a team of 12 personal trainers working for me.

Since then I've created multiple 6 figure fitness businesses using the power of online marketing.

That's why started Online Fitness Profits, to share with you the same proven marketing strategies I use in my business each and every day, to help you grow your fitness business.

Dangerously Fit  is where I test marketing strategies, Online Fitness Profits is where I share with you everything that's working.

Unlike many of many of the so called ‘gurus' that teach fitness marketing, but don't actually own a fitness business or ‘have skin in the game'I'm in the trenches every day testing and tracking new marketing campaigns with my own $$.

These days I still run a handful of boot camps for fun, and focus the rest of my time working on my online business and helping my students at PT Supremacy grow their fitness companies.

Anyway, enough about me… please check out the site, subscribe to my email list for marketing tips, and be sure to hit me up if you have any questions.

Yours in health

Dan Clay
Online Fitness Profits

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