Your Fitness Website Review Will Provide You With a Complete Online Marketing Strategy to Build Your Online Presence and Skyrocket Your Sales

Our Team of Experts Will Critique Your Website and Give You Advice For Generating More Online Traffic, Maximizing Your Conversion Rates and Increasing Your Bottom-Line Profits

You’ve spent countless hours researching, designing and developing your fitness website to promote your business.

And how much money have you spent on hosting, templates, domain names, autoresponders and tracking tools?

It all starts to add up.

  • Has all this time, effort and expense made a REAL impact on your bottom-line profits?
  • Are you building a ‘hot’ list of qualified prospects ready and waiting to do business with you?
  • Do you get unsolicited new referrals each week?
  • Do you have so many personal training clients that you’ve had to hire additional personal trainers to keep up with demand?
  • Are your boot camps so full that you now have a waiting list?
  • Are your online body transformation programs selling like hot cakes?

If not, why not?

  • Does your website generate free organic traffic?
  • Is your email optin so compelling people can't wait to give you their email address?
  • Is your sales message resonating with your target market and producing sales?

What's a fitness pro to do if your current website isn’t producing the results you want?


The same thing your clients do when they need help with their fitness goals… hire a qualified professional.


Dramatic SEO

Leverage Over 13 Years of Online Business Success and Implement a Proven Fitness Internet Marketing System into Your Business

I'm going to let you in on a little secret and tell you why most fitness marketing sucks!

It's something Dan Kennedy calls ‘Incest Marketing'.

Incest marketing is where one fitness professional becomes moderately successful; so every other fitness professional copies their marketing.

Here’s the problem.

The first fitness pro probably got a lot wrong in the first place, maybe they got lucky and got a few things right.

But, everyone copying their marketing get’s more and more wrong, and everyone’s marketing get’s dumber and dumber and dumber.

No-one has a clue what they’re doing, they’re just copying everybody else!

It’s like the blind leading the blind.

And as they say… “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”.

You see, you don’t need to be the Worlds best marketer, you just need to be better than your competition, who lets face it – don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

The Fitness Website Makeover Ensures You Have a Steady Stream of Clients to Keep Your Cash Flow Healthy and Profits Climbing

Here's what's included in your one hour coaching session;

  •  Coversion Optimization
  •  Identifying & Analyzing Your Competition
  •  Developing Your Online Marketing Battle Plan
  •  Target Market Research
  •  Keyword Analysis
  • And Much More